A tale of my people - a proud people The Pelloms 
    Purpose for this website: To leave some details of my life behind for interested family members now, and for those to come after me. The need, hunger and urge, to find out about my family before me, led me to believe that some of those to come later will have the same desire to "know" their people. I will discuss some of the stories I have uncovered about  my people back as far as my great-grandfather.  I plan to post information as I have developed it.   ~ Benny (Ben) Hill Pellom

    Background: The above scene, somewhere in Fannen County, Georgia, is a  fitting backdrop, and starting point  for me to relate some of the things I have been able to learn about my people: Some of the Pelloms of North-east Georgia and South-east Tennessee. I won't get into genealogy here; I'll leave that for others. I'm simply going to relate some of the stories and impressions that have come my way about my people. Maybe my efforts will be be rewarded by stimulating the younger Pelloms now making their way through life, to dig a little deeper, and find out who they really are. Many of them know little or nothing about their roots. I dedicate this website and its contents to them. Perhaps one or more of them will look back over time and use me, or another sibling, as a starting point to tell their younger ones a little about who they are. If anyone has a better copy of family photos I have posted on this site, as well as new photos and information, please contact me.


    Deep in the Georgia and Tennessee mountains a noble and patriotic people struggled to raise their families by planting crops on the mountainsides and in the deep and narrow valleys and coves. Direct sunlight on crops could be limited due to narrow and deep mountain valley floors and hills, making it even harder to bring crops to fruition. To provide clothing and shoes for their children, many people there, and throughout Appalachia, produced a "cash crop" of moonshine whiskey and lugged barrels full of  it out of the mountains to "market." They did nothing morally wrong - it was simply a matter of survival to them. They cooperated with each other in order to outsmart the Government Tax Men, making it difficult  for them to get near a still without being detected well in advance.
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Above foreground left:
Conard Hill Pellom
Born 1897 (My father)

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