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Earth's Moon
This page was established as a result of actual very large cities shown to be on the moon by amateur astronomers as well as those using NASA photos and satellite images by the Japanese, and others. Some cities stretching more than a thousand miles. There is video of UFO's coming and going across the moon's surface (See the videos posted on YouTube by Bruce Swartz whose Youtube channel is: BruceSeesAll.  Bases with humans assigned are soon to be established on the moon by the US, Japan, China and Russia. Also, 4G Internet is soon to be on the moon:

All of the above begs the question: Are the inhabitants there humanoid, or literally like the people of earth? If not, what is their appearance. We should be finding out in the near future considering all the communication capabilities given to those interacting with populations of the moon.

This is a good video of Bruce Swartz' to get started with:

There is a very large Space Fleet based in the Himalayan Mountains. Roger INKC Youtube Channel has located the base using Google Earth, and it is presented below:

Space Fleet Hidden In The Himalayas
IMAGES OF A BEAUTIFUL CITY ON THE MOON WERE REPORTED TODAY, JANUARY 5, 2019 BY Youtube channel "Alien Hunter." Scroll to about timeline 14:35 of the video to see the city come into view.