It seems that about everyone I have met out in the flat lands of GA and southeast TN have a connection to Buncombe County, NC. That's the case with many of my forebears. My Great-grandfather (through my father Conard Pellom), John Simpson Fain and his father, David Fain, his great-grandfather Ebenezer Fain, lived there. My great-grandmother (my father's matriarchal line)  Keziah (Kizzie) Green and her daughters Martha Green(my grandmother) and her sister Jo Ann Green, lived there. At some point Keziah married Dr. Henry W. Durham (a Confederate Physician). Input from my brother Doug Pellom indicates that this Dr. Durham was descended from the founder of Durham, NC. Certainly there must have been more siblings at every step of this family break-down, but I don't have information on them. I'll write a little about my Fain forebears involvement in the Revolutionary War in my next post.

Battle of King's Mountain (Revolutionary War).

     My great-great-grandfather, David Fain, fought alongside his father, Ebenezer Fain, his uncle John Fain and grandfather Nicholas Fain. All survived the battle. Ebenezer was wounded in the legg. These men were awarded a section of land each as payment for their service. Their Commanding Officer was Colonel Sevier of Tennessee. Ebenezer was wounded.

 CLICK HERE For an interesting read on Ebenezer Fain's application for a War Pension Application.

Ebenezer Fain:
b. 27 Aug 1762, Chester County, PA 
d. 29 Dee 1842, Habersham County, GA 
m. Mary Mercer, 6 Jun 1781, Jonesboro, TN 

follow the below links for more information, as desired. There is a lot of information on the Internet about the Revolution War, and the battle of King's Mountain. 

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Some information about the Fain family that my grandfather John (Pap) Simpson Pellom descended from, and a bit of information about his second wife, Martha Green, and her forbears:
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    My great-grandfather John Simpson Fain was a U.S. Army Captain fought in the Mexican-American War, and was a Confederate Colonel at the end of the Civil War. 

INFORMATION ABOUT THE FAIN FAMILY - My Grandpa Pellom's father, John Simpson Fain, his father and uncles